Gadgets That Make Our Life Easier (Gadgets Que Nos Facilitan La Vida)

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February 2, 2009

“How many times carrying my children’s chair have I wanted to have a place where to put the keys, glasses, hat, … where to place the shopping bags without them dragging on the ground … and let’s not say if it starts to rain, then I have What to choose if I prefer not to open the umbrella and directly soak myself, or to hold it with one hand and juggle with the other arm (which already has even muscle, poor man). Does this story sound familiar to you? … The hook and the support are from Thing-King, at the moment they are not distributed in Spain but from their website you can order them and they serve it with the corresponding postage. It also seems that they have very good quality and do not break, they are attached to the chair with velcro straps.”

— Patricia

Translated from Spanish

Mighty Buggy Hook

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