Extra hooks on the stroller to keep your hands free (Ganci extra sul passeggino per avere le mani libere)

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February 4, 2009

Mighty Buggy Hook and Soft Buggy Cup review

Juggling the stroller between supermarket, kindergarten, pharmacy, home could very well be considered an Olympic discipline, such is the skill required not to succumb to the inevitable slalom, to the races against time and to the load of bags, envelopes and bags that often accumulate and we don’t know where to put. Especially when it rains and the hands are already

The hooks and compartments that strollers are equipped with are not always sufficient to hold everything, from your own bag to that of the baby, adding shopping bags, house keys to keep at hand, the bottle ready in case of need. without having to rummage here and there. The solution is to add a few: they are by Thing-King, they are secured to the stroller handles with Velcro and have the shape of a classic hook or small storage compartment.


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Mighty Buggy Hook

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