The Mighty Buggy Hook is strong and gives you the freedom to use in different places

Mighty Buggy Hook review

February 9, 2009

Mighty Buggy Hook

I’m always on the hunt for a good stroller accessory and for awhile I’ve been searching for stroller hooks. I know, I know, hooking bags to your stroller is a tip-hazard, but I like to live on the edge.

Anyway, months ago, I got these, but my stroller’s handles aren’t circular and they didn’t really fit. I used them anyway though and because they fell off every time I folded my stroller, I lost both (they came as a two-pack) within 2 months. So then I started hooking my son’s lunch bag on the stroller’s brake (which is located on the handle), but I’m fairly certain that putting strain on the brake is not a great idea. In fact, there may have been something in the owner’s manual about that.

So when the lovely folks at Think King sent me their new Mighty Buggy Hooks, I was excited. After all I already use their Soft Buggy Cup. I could tell right away that the Mighty Buggy Hook was going to work beautifully because instead of being made of hard plastic, it’s a velcro strap that you can customize to your stroller. And securely fastened to that strap is solid hook. Like the Softy Buggy Cup, the velcro on the Mighty Buggy Hook is strong and gives you the freedom to use the hook in different places, depending on your needs.

The bonus is that the inventor of the Mighty Buggy Cup is an inventor-mom, not a huge corporation. I love being able to support people who come up with great ideas (read: things that make my life easier).

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook

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