Hangers on the baby stroller (Colgadores en el cochecito del bebé)

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January 31, 2009

If you have a stroller with two handles, you have probably used them to hang the shopping bags, on the other hand, those with the entire handlebar only allow you to hang, at most, the baby’s bag.

For greater comfort when going shopping with the baby, they have created The Mighty Buggy Hook, a pair of hooks that are placed on the handlebar of the stroller to be able to hang whatever we want: any type of bag, the baby’s bag or ours.

The idea is as simple as it is practical. The hooks are made of aluminum that does not warp or break and are firmly attached with a velcro that prevents them from sliding down. Thus, no matter how much we are loaded, the hangers will not fail.

Those of us who “drive” single-handlebar strollers know how practical it can be to have a pair of hooks on which to hang our bags, especially when the basket is not enough to fit.



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Mighty Buggy Hook

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