“Think King – It’s Like Growing An Extra Arm, or Two”

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January 7, 2010

If you’re anything like me, your stroller becomes like a miniature apartment while you’re out and about. My friends joke that I could perform surgery on someone with all the stuff I always have with me. Which is why my Think King products have become my new best friends. Its like having a third arm, only not as awkward.

My super fancy stroller has all the amenities, EXCEPT for a cupholder?! The Soft Buggy Cup is the perfect addition. With horizontal AND vertical velcro straps the Buggy Cup can be securely attached anywhere on my stroller. I also like that its removable – I can have it up by the handles so I can use it, or attach it close to my child for little snacks and such. AND take it off to CLEAN IT!

Think King has another ingenious product – the Mighty Buggy Hook. These things are as secure and sturdy as can be. Perfect to hang your purse, diaper bag, etc. I don’t know how they engineered these things to be so secure and stable, but once on, they just seem to stay perfectly in place!

Both of these products are also great to use on bikes, scooter, wheelchairs and beds.

Soft Buggy Cup

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Mighty Buggy Hook

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