“I love that it will not only work on my stroller but…it will also fit onto my bike…”

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November 13, 2009

The Soft Buggy Cup holder is a cup holder and “everything pocket” that fits most strollers. I love that it will not only work on my stroller but next summer when we buy a bike trailer to start biking with the kids it will also fit onto my bike so I can bring my drink with me easily then as well. It also fits onto most strollers, scooters, wheelchairs and beds. It has easy to attach velcro straps which is great because I can switch it to my umbrella stroller if I need to use that one instead, is sturdy and will not tip over, shake loose or pop off. We have used it with softdrinks from McDonalds, cans and bottles of pop and even my stainless water bottles and it is not going anywhere. Best of all is that it is easy to clean, as a mom I find myself always looking for easy to clean. It is a soft material so it flattens when the stroller is folded so you don’t need to take it on and off and worry about losing it.

The Might Buggy Hook is an ideal hook for a diaper bag, purse or anything you want to hang from a stroller. It features a strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won’t break. It has no clip system so I can take stuff off and on with one hand, as a mom sometimes one hand is all I have so this is for sure a plus in my books. It has a deep Ushape so it can hold extrawide purse handles/straps. It is easy to attach as well with velcro straps and is non-slip so it will not move easily, trust me I hve tried to slide it and it does not go anywhere. I have seen other hooks like this but they are long and hold the bags closer to the stroller giving me more security and also more ease when hanging bags above Holden’s head.

Mighty Buggy Hook

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