“Perfect for holding your bottle of Evian…”

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May 13, 2009

Perfect for holding your bottle of Evian while you’re out and about, Think King’s Soft Buggy Cup works equally well as an easy-access receptacle for keys, sunglasses or the little one’s favourite toy. Velcro strips ensure it attaches securely to pretty much any style of buggy – mine is currently fastened to the side of my Cameleon’s carry cot and I’ll transfer it to the handle once we move on to the pushchair option.

In acid-bright orange (or more understated black) and silver mesh, it’s a lot more attractive than the standard plastic cup holders and could easily be attached to a bed frame or bike handlebars to hold precious treasures. While you’re on Think King’s site, it’s hard to resist the stylish Mighty Buggy Hooks — very handy if you’re planning a big shopping trip.

Soft Buggy Cup

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Mighty Buggy Hook

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