“Convenience is a necessity when it comes to being a mother.”

May 25, 2009

“…I wanted something sturdy, multifunctional, and easy to manuever. I came across, Think King. The name was very clever in itself. I had to see what it had to offer, and if it would indeed, make my life a lot easier.”

“They offer the soft buggy cup and the mighty buggy hook. When a company offers two items, as their line of products, it says a lot. To me, it tells me that they really thought about the necessity of these two products, from usability to functionality. They probably are parents themselves or know of people who went through the same frustrations as myself, and came up with a product, that would take away those frustrations.

The soft buggy cup, acts as a cup holder and an “everything pocket,” that fits most strollers. So it’s pretty much an all in one holder, that can hold everything from your drink, to your diaper wipes. Not only that, it works on scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs, and beds. Wow! You can attach and detach with a simple velcro strap, so no more twisting and turning of a plastic cup holder. It’s super sturdy, keeps contents in place with a drawstring closure, and the soft material flattens when the stroller folds. It’s a no nonsense cup holder, that has all the bells and whistles, without the added bulk and the complicated instructionals. I love that it is multi-functional, easy to use, and is very sturdy. Everything I was looking for and more.

The mighty hook is the answer to my diaper bag hanging issues. I no longer have to loosely drape my bag over the stroller, knowing that it could fall without a moment’s notice. It is made of a sturdy lightweight aluminum hook that will not break. Also, it can be used to hook on everything and anything you want to hang from a stroller. I hooked on my purse, my keys, and my daughter’s lunch bag. They have a deep U shape which accomodates extra wide purse/bag handles, and the short hook, holds the bags close to the stroller (definitely a plus, if you live in a major city). Plus, the rubbery straps keep it from sliding around. Similar to the buggy cup, the hook is easy to attach with a velcro strap. I love that it’s functional, durable, and easy to use.

Both products were used with the parent/caregiver in mind. Definitely, it’s a great addition to my line of products I have at home, and will definitely make my life a lot easier and manageable. I loved that just the other day, I was able to attach the soft buggy holder onto my daughter’s bicycle. We were able to put her SIGG water bottle and crackers in there. As she was riding her bike, she was able to pull out her water, when she needed a sip, and ate her crackers when she wanted to. There was no more of, riding around, then coming back to me, drink some water, and then riding back. She was able to be independent of me, and I was able to watch her without having to constantly open and close my bag. It definitely saved a lot of time and energy for both of us. If you are a no nonsense parent, who wants a no nonsense product, please visit Think King.”

Mighty Buggy Hook

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