“… the solution to your traveling beverage containment problems…”

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March 20, 2008

Stroller Cup Holders – They Aren’t Just For Strollers. Or Cups.

The joke in the automotive industry is that women will buy cars simply for the cup holders. (What can we say, cup holders are awesome.) But funny enough, when it comes to our strollers – no cup holders! Ack! The horror!

The Buggy Cup from Think-King is the solution to your traveling beverage containment problems. Soft, meshy, funky, it velcros onto pretty much any stroller then pulls off in a sec if you ever want to switch strollers. Or is that just those of us in NYC with more than one? It’s also smart for bikes, scooters and wheelchairs, plus it draws closed with a drawstring so you can employ it for Cheerios and carrot sticks for the kiddies too.

It’s so smart and obvious, I’m not sure if you’ll be psyched when you get yours or furious that you didn’t come up with it first. Now go get that latte.


Soft Buggy Cup

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