A Versatile Cup Holder From Think King

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February 28, 2008
Soft Buggy Cup
Other than the Snap and Go I used for Cole, I’ve never had a built in cup holder on any of my strollers. In fact, I didn’t even use one until Nate was about a year old. I got one at Babies R Us and attached it to my Maclaren. It lasted only a few months until a family member broke it off by accident when placing it into the trunk of our car.
The cup holder is a beautiful thing – I almost always have a lemonade or a coffee as I walk through the mall pushing one or both kids – but I haven’t had much luck with them.
The latest cup holder I’ve seen is from Think King. I love the concept – it’s actually made of a soft mesh material, meaning it’s pliable and can get squashed in the car without breaking off like the plastic cupholders do.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this would work – would it be sturdy enough to hold one of my drinks as I push the stroller around? I finally tested it out last weekend at the mall and I’m happy to report that it held a hot Chai Latte as I circled around the mall. It was a sturdy hold too; I didn’t worry about it falling off at all. It also attaches very easily with several velcro straps and has to be the easiest cup holder to attach.

Think King Soft Buggy Cup for strollers and wheelchairs in Black and Purple

soft buggy cup