Think King Soft Buggy Cup in Black
Think King Soft Buggy Cup in Black
Soft buggy cup holding a sippy cup on a stroller bar
Soft Buggy Cup video
Walker with Soft Buggy Cup holding eyeglasses
Rollaor with a Think King jumbo swirly hook holding tote bag and a Soft Buggy Cup holding eyeglasses
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Soft Buggy Cup


The most amazing non-breakable cup holder for strollers, scooters, bikes, wheelchairs, walkers and more! Attach it anywhere you need an extra pocket or catch-all.


  • A soft pouch or “everything pocket” that fits most strollers
  • Large enough to hold a 32 oz bottle or fountain cup
  • Like a 3rd hand, keys, snacks, & more for parent or toddler
  • Works on scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs, and bed frames
  • Easy to attach and detach with hook & loop straps
  • Sturdy hold, will not tip over, shake loose, or pop off
  • Soft material flattens when stroller folds
  • Drawstring closure to keeps contents inside
  • Simply rinse to clean and air dry
  • Not intended for a hot beverage in an unsealed container.

Details & Dimensions

  • Color: Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Orange/Silver
  • Diameter: 4″ (100mm)
  • Height: 6″ (150mm)
  • Capacity: 32oz (1 ltr) bottle
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It’s so easy to attach the cup holder to your stroller!

Questions about using this on your specific buggy?  Please ask us!

Illustrations for how to attach Think King soft buggy cup to strollers

It’s so easy to attach the cup holder to your wheelchair/rollator

Questions about using this on your specific buggy? Please ask us!

Illustrations for how to attach Think King soft buggy cup to wheelchairs, walkers and rollators

3 reviews for Soft Buggy Cup


    I bought this cup over 8 years ago, and it’s just now starting to show wear and tear. I have been in a wheelchair for over 20 years, I have used this to carry my 32 oz of bottle Powerade, soda and coffee. I’ve also used it to hold my brush, sunglasses, and change. I take the bus all the time and it doesn’t break as I go through the entrance of the bus. You just made a bendable material so it won’t break if you hit something like Plastics do. I encourage you to get this it is well worth the 14 or $15 it would pay for it. And they would last a long time.

  2. Ellie May

    The Soft Buggy Cup and Jumbo Swirly Hook are super helpful on my pet stroller!

  3. Carrie B.

    These buggy cups are life changing! I’m in my mid-forties, and am disabled because of severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease, so I depend on my rollator walkers inside my home, and everywhere I go. I have two very well designed European rollators (one made by Access Active, another by Bischoff and Bischoff), but neither of them have integrated cup holders, so these Soft Buggy Cups are PERFECT!!!

    I’ve spilled sooooooo many drinks inside my home while trying to balance cups on the rollator seats, and I haven’t been able to bring drinks inside with me when I’m out— so these Soft Buggy Cups have solved this problem for me!

    I purchased a silver/black Soft Buggy Cup for my Active Access Rollator, and a gold/black one for my B+B rollator, and both were super easy to install, hold my drink cups securely (both are pictured with a Built NY brand 20 oz tumbler, for reference), and I love the flexibility of being able to use the Soft Buggy Cups for securely stashing my phone, wallet and keys! I also like that the Soft Buggy Cups are constructed with strong but flexible materials, with no plastic parts that could potentially break while folding/transporting a rollator in the car. When empty, the Soft Buggy Cups fold flat, and are not in the way, which is really nice!

    I absolutely love the way the Soft Buggy Cups look, too! The Soft Buggy Cup is an incredibly practical accessory that doesn’t look like a “clinical” item, unlike many items made for rollators, walkers and wheelchairs. I’m so excited that I can carry my drinks now wherever I go!

    Image #1 from Carrie B.
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